$100 to $200 Watches Buying Guide

Top 5 Watches Between $100 to $200

At this price range you can experiment having an automatic watch as well as potentially even getting watches with sapphire crystal. These watches are not only reliable but there is also a huge variation in different styles of watches available. These are just my own personal recommendations and all prices are in USD.

Watch News

First ever Islander Open-Heart Dress Watches

Islander has released some of the best dress watches priced at just under $200. The specifications available on the watch paired with the pinstripe dial, will make a lot of people definitely consider this as a purchase before looking at other variants. The two watches are the #ISL-97 which has a cream colour pinstriped dial and the second watch is the #ISL-98 which has a black colour pinstriped dial.

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Three new Islander watches with DLC coating

The announcement of three new field watches with cases made out of DLC coating is a definite welcome from Islander or more commonly known from the very popular YouTube channel and website Long Island Watch. All three field watches alongside a small modification to a previous model were all shown and previewed on their YouTube channel which can be seen here. These three models will definitely be another fan favourite from Long Island Watch as their watches have nothing but exceptional reviews from their owners.

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Islander Dress Watch and Website Update

Although the new dress watches were released about two weeks ago, just recently Marc has announced that his website will move onto a new platform. The website will have a visual overhaul as well as some more upgrades behind the scenes to make things smoother and more user friendly for everyone. The new dress watches however need more attention as for the price and what they offer they are some of the best dress watches one can buy.

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The Islander Field Watch

If you are a fan of watch channels on YouTube you have more than likely watched one of Long Island Watches videos. The channel is run by Marc, the owner of the company longislandwatch.com. This post is not sponsored I just thought it is very cool and worth mentioning.
Now onto the news which I find really exciting especially for the watch industry as a whole as it shows someone who might just be able to compete with some of the bigger brands purely based on the value of the watch he is presenting. The watch I am talking about is the Islander Automatic Field Watch #ISL-40, #ISL-41, #ISL-42 and #ISL-43 (Each model number corresponds to a different dial colour).