$10,000+ Watches Buying Guide

Top 5 Watches above $10,000

These are watches that a lot of people would wish to own but, at the same time this is also where it reaches the point of being unattainable for most people. Nonetheless, it does not stop people from wishing they had the chance of purchasing one of these watches. At this price range I am just showcasing some of my favourite watches released this year upwards of $10,000 and some of them are well above $100,000. All prices are in USD.

$5,000 to $10,000 Watches Buying Guide

Top 5 Watches Between $5,000 to $10,000

Most if not all watch enthusiasts and collectors would probably have a grail watch sitting at this price range, and at this price range you be pretty specific with the watches you want to purchase. You can get a lot of excellent watches with rich history and can even purchase watches with more complications. These are again my own personal recommendations and the prices are in USD.

Watch News

The New Grand Seiko SBGZ007

While Grand Seiko is always known for their excellent craftsmanship and timepieces, the SBGZ007 is an absolute masterpiece in watchmaking. In honour of Seiko’s 140th Anniversary, Grand Seiko and the craftspeople of the Micro Artist Studio brought out this beautiful watch. As with most Grand Seiko watches this one also takes inspiration from nature, as this watch has taken inspiration from the night sky above Achi. Achi is a village located in the Shinsu region and is known for its spectacular night skies, and has also been dubbed as the most beautiful village in Japan.

Watch News

Grand Seiko SBGY007

Another watch from Grand Seiko taking inspiration from nature to develop another beautiful dial, this time from Lake Suwa in Japan. The dial of the watch takes inspiration from Lake Suwa and how in winter it freezes over and creates a natural phenomenon described as Omiwatari or known as God’s Crossing. Grand Seiko as always with their dial design did not disappoint and a lot of people will definitely would want to acquire this watch.

Watch News

Grand Seiko SBGD207

Grand Seiko has once again like an absolutely incredible timepiece as not only does it draw inspiration from the Mishaka Pond in Japan, but also features the incredible Caliber 9R01 movement that has a power reserve of 8 days. While the movement itself is worth talking about, the dial perfectly encapsulates the essence of the Mishaka Pond.